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Research on prime exploitation of the potentials offered by industrial digitalization

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Horizon 2020 WIDESPREAD-01-2016-2017 - Teaming Phase 2

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2018 - 2023


The project aims to perform discovering research in mathematical and artificial intelligence, to harness its results in robotics, the design and control of production and logistic systems and finally, in the management of power engineering systems. Its phases are of an evolving nature, starting from basic research followed by applied research up to experimental development, all in full conformance to the other elements of the aforesaid project package.

By this professional contents, which is of utmost relevance even for the industry, the project claims to promote the development of the cooperation between the industrial and the academic sectors and, besides this, also to foster reducing Hungary’s deficit in industrial digitalization compared to the European and world standards. This will be accomplished primarily on the basis of the Centre of Excellence in Production Informatics and Control, EPIC CoE, which – ranked at the second place among 169 applicants – has won a substantial support on the high prestige Teaming Call of the EU in 2017.

A widespread dissemination of the future results will be facilitated in an excellent way by the Industry 4.0 National Technology Association where participants of the project play an eminent role. The Budapest University of Technology and Economics is responsible to utilize these results directly in the higher education. By establishing open demonstration environments and organizing public events in the subject, the project will contribute to the broader acceptance of the industrial digitalization process by the Hungarian society.

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