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ICT based Tools for Assessment and Improvement of Efficacy of Upper Limb Robotic Rehabilitation using Thermographic Diagnostic Method

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Indo-Hungarian Joint Research Programme

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2018 - 2021


Spinal Cord and Stroke Injuries are one of the deadliest injuries. For the Neurorehabilitation of these diseases, robotic rehabilitation is the emerging technology and proved to be a more effective one. But the effectiveness of the therapy depends on the monitoring of the patients which is still done by subjective assessment scales like functional reach test, modified Ashworth scale, etc. This will make the whole robotic therapy session an open loop session. Thermographic diagnostic methods in the rehabilitation are the unique and novel approach to assess and monitor the complete therapeutic sessions. On integrating this thermographic technology with the rehabilitation robot makes it a closed loop adaptive device.
The proposed objectives are:

  1. Development of control algorithm for the thermographic camera for real time patient’s condition assessment in a control environment (India)
  2. Redesign and Adaptation of the rehabilitation robot device prototype for upper extremity and its control algorithm (Hungary)
  3. Integration of thermographic camera and rehabilitation robot for the closed loop therapy session in a control environment. (India, Hungary)
  4. Clinical and economic investigation of efficacy of the novel rehabilitation robot in terms of among others the diagnosing and reduction of shoulder pain in stroke subjects. (Hungary, India)
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