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Development of modular digital manufcaturing engneering framework and services for SMEs

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2017-1.3.1-VKE-2017 "Competitiveness and excellence cooperations"

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Years active:

2018 - 2020


Manufacturing process planning is the most important component of manufacturing processes. Manufacturing process planning is a complex and far-reaching activity domain and involves the collaboration of multilple entities of the enterprise. Among the requirements that manufacturing process planning poses for enterprise mnaagement and control are the economy, management of the production capacities and the customer needs, efficient time management, and the high production quality. Existing product lifecycle management (PLM) systems are used mainly in large entreprise environments and for medium or large production batches. The reason for that is the highere human and material resources associated with the on-site process modelling, the building and operation of the computational infrastructure, mostly affordable only at large enterprises. A objective of the DIGMAN project is to make the benefits of the product lifecycle management accessible for small and mediam size enterprises (SMEs) by organizing the PLM servises in a serves-client architectured, economically operable, integrated and secure data handling enabled framework. The task is not to develop and alternative PLM system. The research challenge is to transfrom a local PLM systeminto a networked, remote accessible, customisable, usage time paid PLM system.

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