Dr. Mátyás Horváth

Professor emeritus


Office: T 4th floor 45
Phone: +36 1 463 1357
Fax: +36 1 463 3176
Calling hours: by appointment via e-mail
E-mail: horvath




University Education

1959:  Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering), Bauman University of Technology, Moscow


2005- Professor Emeritus, BUTE
1975-1999: Head of Department, BTU Dept. of Manufacture Engineering
1978-2004:   Professor, in the some place
1974:   Associate Professor, in the some place
1967:   Research Engineer in Institute of Production Engineering, Budapest
1959:   Manufacture Engineer in Gun Factory Budapest

Scientific degrees

1984: Doctor of Technical Sciences (DSc)
1966:  Candidate of Technical Sciences (CSc, PhD)

Prizes, acknowledgements and scholarships

1971: Order of Labour
1985: State Prize
1985: Best Teacher of Budapest Technical University
1989: Honorary class-mate of graduating students of Miskolc University
1989: Doctor honoris causa, Tallinn Technical Universty
1993: Doctor honoris causa, Kharkov Politechnical University
1994: Doctor honoris causa, Moscow State University of Technology „STANKIN”
1995: Dennis Gabor Prize
1996: Pattantyus Prize
1998: Member of Ukrainian Academy of Higher Education
1999: Medal of Miskolc University
2000-2003: Széchenyi Professorship
2000: Professor honoris causa, Miskolc University
2000: Palatine Joseph Medal of Budapest University of Tchnology and Economics
2000: Professor honoris causa, Szent István University
2001: Ministry of Education, Innovation Prize
2015: GTE,Terplán Zénó Fődíj
2015: BME GPK Életmű Díj

Research interests and activities

Design and Manufacturing of Guns
Electrochemical machining
Modelling and optimisation of cutting processes
Adaptive control of grinding machine tools
Computer aided process planning for rotational parts
Computer Aided NC Programming
Semi-generative process-planning
Knowledge based process plannng and fixture design
Multiaxis machining of complex surfaces
Pilot CAD/CAM system of BTU
Ultra-precision turning
Expert system for operation sequence planning
Expert system for strategic process planning
Expert system for robotized measuring planning
Multipod robot and machine tool
Number of projects led: cca. 25.

Tutorial activity

Completed PhD: 6
Running PhD:1

Other academic activities

IFAC, member of MANTECH TC, Vice Chairman 1984-88
CIRP, Member of Working Group of Engineering Education
Honorary president, Division of Automation, Hungarian Society of Mechanical Engineers
Member of Materials Science and Technology Committee,  Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Chairman, Subcommittee of Production Systems
Member of Committee for Scientific Qualification of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (up to its elimination)
Member or chairman of several Hungarian and international periodicals
Member of State Council for Technical Development (up to its elimination)

Languages spoken

Besides Hungarian fluently in English and Russian
German reading

Most relevant publications

a) Books and book chapters:

M. Horváth, J. Váncza, A. Márkus: Conflicts in Manufacturing Systems. In Information Infrastructure Systems for Manufacturing (eds. H. Yoshikawa, J. Goossenaerts) North-Holland, pp. 265-279, 1994.
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Prohászka, J., Horváth, M. and all: Effect of crystal orientation on surface integrity. In: Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology. (Edited by E. Kulianic.) Springer Wien New York pp 801-808. (2002)

b) Conference papers:

Márkus A., Váncza J., Horváth M.: Process Planning for Part Families. In Monostori L. (ed) Prepr. of the 2nd Int. CIRP Workshop on Learning in Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Budapest, Hungary, 168-185,  1995.
M. Horváth, A. Mamalis, I. Mészáros: On the Ultraprecision Machining of Aspherical Mirror Surfaces on Stainless Steels. 9th IPES/4th UME Conference, Braunschweig pp. 548-500, 1997.
D. Paulmier, I. Mészáros, M. Horváth : Diamond Coated Pin/Steel Disc Under Water Vapour and Oxygen Environment. Proceedings of the NORDTRIB’98, Aarhus, Denmark, pp. 845-852
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M. Horváth, J. Kundrák: Optimization of precision and ultraprecision machining process parameters. Proc. of the „Progresivna technika i teknologija mashinobuduvanija, priladobuduvanija i zvarjuval’nogo virobnictva” Conference Kiev, Ukraine, 1998, pp. 297-300.
I. Mészáros, M. Horváth J. Kundrák, N. Verezub: Precision and Ultraprecision Cutting and Grinding of Metals, Engineering Polymers and Ceramics.
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Machining of Mirror-Surfaces OSIN’99 Conference, Kraków, pp. 189-205.
Horváth M.: Hol késnek az új CAPP rendszerek? (Where linger the new CAPP Systems)
MicroCAD’99 Conference, Miskolc, Section I., pp. 103-108
Gy.Fülöp, J.Kodácsy, M.Horvath: Rapid Prototyping with Slice Milling, 1st Int.Conf.on Rapid Prototyping, Wroclaw 2004, Proc., pp. 115-120.

c) Journals articles:

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PS more detailed list of publitations (also the written in Hungarian) can be sheen in:

Subjects taught

Materials and Production Engineering II. (PhD)
Design and Manufacturing processes  I.II.(PhD)

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