Balázs Zsolt Farkas

Assistant Lecturer


Office: bdg. T. 4th floor 48
Phone: +36 1 463 3178
Fax: +36 1 463 3176
Consultation opportunity: check in the calendar below.
E-mail: farkas.balazs.zsolt





Studies/ Workplaces

2014 – PhD candidate
2011- Assistant Lecturer
2008-2011              PhD student – BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
2003-2008                       MSc Mechanical Engineer – BME Faculty of Mechanical Engineer

Academis degrees

Prizes, awards, scholarships

Research areas and activities

Micro electrical discharge machining
Micro machining
High precision hard cutting
Modelling of cutting processes
Finite element modelling of cutting

Other activities

Member of Scientific Society for Mechanical Engineer


The whole list of publications can be found at the link below.


Manufacturing (HUN) – practice
Machining methods (HUN) – lectures and practice
Manufacturing tool design project (HUN) – lectures and practice
Cutting processes (HUN)– lectures and practice
Non-traditional manufacturing methods (HUN) – lectures and practice
Precision and high precision mechining (HUN)– lectures
Manufacturing Processes (ENG) – lectures and practice
Advanced Manufacturing (ENG) – lectures and practice
Manufacturing (ENG)– practice


English – fluent

Offers for research

Analysis the thermodynamics of micor electrical discharge machining
Electrical discharge machinability of ceramics
Analysis of hard turning
Finite element modelling of cutting processes

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