Dániel István Poór

PhD student

Office: T. building, 4th floor, room 48.
Phone: +36/1-463-2641
Calling hours: announced on the first lesson

E-mail: poor.daniel






University Education/Work

2021 –: PhD Student, BME Pattantyús-Ábrahám Géza Gépészeti Tudományok Doktori Iskola
2021 – 2021: Research assistant , BME Department of Manufacturing Science and Engineering
2019 – 2020: Demonstrator (4 semesters), BME Department of Manufacturing Science and Engineering
2019 – 2019: Mechanical engineer trainee, METAL Kft.
2019 – 2021: BME Mechanical Engineer M.Sc., Manufacturing specialization
2018 – 2018: Mechanical engineer trainee, HunMecH Kft.
2015 – 2019: BME Mechanical Engineer B.Sc., Manufacturing specialization
2011 – 2015: NymE Bolyai János Gyakorló Általános Iskola és Gimnázium, Szombathely

Prizes, acknowledgements and scholarships

2022. UNKP Scholarship (12 months)
2021. 1. Prize on National Conference of Scientific Students’ Associations (OTDK)
2021. EHK Scholarship 2020/21/2
2021. GPK Faculty’s Scholarship 2020/21/2
2020. Rector’s Prize on Scientific Students’ Associations (TDK)
2020. 1. Prize on Scientific Students’ Associations (TDK)
2020. UNKP Scholarship (5 months)
2020. GPK Professional Scholarship 2020/21/1
2020. GPK Professional Scholarship 2019/20/2

Research interests and activities

  • Machinability analysis of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites
  • Machining induced burr analysis in FRP composites
  • CAD/CAM applications
  • Coordinate measuring
  • Manufacturing technology, mechanical and material testing of FRP composites

Bibliography (the most recent for each)/Publication activity

The whole publication list can be found here: ResearchGate, Google Scholar, MTMT

  • Geier, D.I. Poór, Cs. Pereszlai, P. Tamás-Bényei, J. Xu: A drilling case study in polymer composites reinforced by virgin and recycled carbon fibres (CFRP and rCFRP) to analyse thrust force and torque. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 120 pp. 1433-3015. (2022) (2021 IF.: 3.563)
  • Geier, D.I. Poór, Cs. Pereszlai, P. Tamás-Bényei: Drilling of recycled carbon fibre–reinforced polymer (rCFRP) composites: Analysis of burrs and microstructure. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology120 pp. 1677-1693. (2022) (2021-es IF.: 3.563)
  • D.I. Poór, N. Geier, Cs. Pereszlai, J. Xu: A critical review of the drilling of CFRP composites: Burr formation, characterisation and challenges. Composites Part B 223 109155. (2021) (2021 IF.: 11.322)
  • Cs. Pereszlai, N. Geier, D.I. Poór, B.Z. Balázs, Gy. Póka: Drilling fibre reinforced polymer composites (CFRP and GFRP): An analysis of the cutting force of the tilted helical milling process. Composite Structures 262 113646. (2021) (2021 IF.: 6.603)
  • Geier, J. Xu, Cs. Pereszlai, D. I. Poór, J. P. Davim: Drilling of carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites: Difficulties, challenges and expectations, Procedia Manufacturing, 54 pp. 284-289., 6 p. (2021)
  • Geier, Cs. Pereszlai, D. I. Poór, B. Z. Balázs: Drilling of curved carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite plates, Procedia CIRP 99 pp. 404-408., 5 p. (2021)

Subjects taught/Main subjects taught

Manufacturing (B.Sc.)
CAD/CAM applications (B.Sc.)

Languages spoken/ Language skills

English B2 level
German B2 level

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