Dr. Sándor Markos

Honorary professor (Prof.h.c.)


Office: T building 4th floor 48
Phone:+36 1463 2640
Fax: +36 1 463 3176
Calling hours: Wednesday 18:00-18:45
E-mail: markos.sandor




University Education/Work

–    2014 –        Manufacturing manager, Gravitás 2000 Kft
–    2014 –        Retired, honorary associate professor , BME Department of Manufacturing Science and Technology
–    1985-2014.       professor assistant – BME Department of Manufacturing Science and Technology
–    2001-2004    invited teacher on the Denis Gabor College
–    1978-1985.       assistant – BME Department of Manufacturing Science and Technology
–    1973 -75.          Budapest University of Technology, engineering teacher
–    1970-1975.       Budapest University of Technology,  mechanical engineer

Certificate of Merit/ Scientific degrees

1985                    Dr. tech. University degree (“Computer based cutting tool design”)

Prizes, acknowledgements and scholarships

2000        Masterful-teacher
1998         Excellent teacher

Research interests and activities

–    Process monitoring and diagnostic
–    CAD/CAM application
–    Computer based cutting tool design
–    Modeling of the metal cutting process

Tutorial activity

–    Manufacturing – Lecture
–     Manufacturing tool design project – Lecture and practice
–    Metal cutting processes – Lecture and practice
–    Manufacturing (English language) – Lecture and practice
–    Design and production – Lecture
–    Advanced manufacturing (English language) – Lecture and practice
–    Medical equipments and tools, Lecture and practice

Other academic activities

–    Member of the  Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineering
–    Vice president of the Hungarian tool Makers Association

Bibliography (the most recent for each)/Publication activity


Languages spoken/ Language skills


Proposed topics

High Speed Machining research and development
Machinability of special materials
Computer based metal cutting tool design

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