Highly developed production engineering has become the most important factor of production all over the world. Nothing could prove it better than the fact that industrial production has grown nearly fiftyfold since the torn of the century. This upspring is due mainly to the development of technology. Both in the teaching of manufacturing engineering and in the production of the necessary means great arrears had to be made up during the fifties. The realisation of this faqct opened the way for the establishment of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering at the Technical University of Budapest in 1951.

Fields of activity

  • supervision, diagnostics, optimization and adaptive control of cutting processes; design of machine tools;
  • CAD/CAM;
  • design of measuring instruments and fixtures;
  • measurement technology, process measurement, quality assurance;
  • robot motion and path control, robot application, sensoric  for robots,
    robotized assembly, robot grippers;
  • knowledge based process planning, production planning and scheduling; ultraprecision machining;
  • surface coating technologies;
  • rapid prototyping;
  • intelligent product manuals, multipod machines;

Some of our EU supported international projects

ROBAS – Advanced Robot Assembly (CP 940510 INCO Copernicus)
VITAMIN – Virtual Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping (CP 960262 INCO Copernicus)
CONFLOW – Concurrent Engineering Workflow (CP 960243 INCO Copernicus)
HOMER – Handling of Non-rigid Materials with Robots (ERBIC 15CT960754 INCO     Copernicus)
PROMANUAL – Intelligent Product Manuals (CP 960231 INCO Copernicus)
MINOS – Precision and Ultraprecision Cutting and Grinding of Metals, Engineering Ceramics and Polymers (IC15CT 960708 INCO Copernicus)
REHAROB – Supporting Rehabilitation of Disabled Using Industrial Robots for Upper Limb Motion Therapy (IST-1999-13109)
MECOMAT – Mechatronic Compiler for Machine Tool Design (GRD1-2000-25270)
INNOMET  – Development of the Innovative Database Model (Leonardo Project)
ALLADIN – Natural Language Based Decision Support in Neuro-Rehabilitation Apy (IST-2002-507424)
4M NoE – Multi-Material Micro Manufacturing: Technologies and Applications, Network of Excellence (NMP2-CT-2004-500274)
RESCUER – Improvement of the Emergency Risk Management Through Secure Mobile Mechatronics Support to Bomb Disposal (IST-2002-511492)
NEXT – Next Generation Production Systems (Integrated Project, NMP2-CT-2005-011815)
Production4µ – Production technologies for micro systems (Integrated Project 026765)


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