Current research

Departmental competencies

Domestic-funded research projects

International projects

ROBAS – Advanced Robot Assembly (CP 940510 INCO Copernicus)
VITAMIN – Virtual Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping (CP 960262 INCO Copernicus)
CONFLOW – Concurrent Engineering Workflow (CP 960243 INCO Copernicus)
HOMER – Handling of Non-rigid Materials with Robots (ERBIC 15CT960754 INCO Copernicus)
PROMANUAL – Intelligent Product Manuals (CP 960231 INCO Copernicus)
MINOS – Precision and Ultraprecision Cutting and Grinding of Metals, Engineering Ceramics and Polymers (IC15CT 960708 INCO Copernicus)
REHAROB – Supporting Rehabilitation of Disabled Using Industrial Robots for Upper Limb Motion Therapy (IST-1999-13109)
MECOMAT – Mechatronic Compiler for Machine Tool Design (GRD1-2000-25270)
INNOMET  – Development of the Innovative Database Model (Leonardo Project)
ALLADIN – Natural Language Based Decision Support in Neuro-Rehabilitation Apy (IST-2002-507424)
4M NoE – Multi-Material Micro Manufacturing: Technologies and Applications, Network of Excellence (NMP2-CT-2004-500274)
RESCUER – Improvement of the Emergency Risk Management Through Secure Mobile Mechatronics Support to Bomb Disposal (IST-2002-511492)
NEXT – Next Generation Production Systems (Integrated Project, NMP2-CT-2005-011815)
Production4µ – Production technologies for micro systems (Integrated Project 026765)
EPIC – Centre of Excellence in Production Informatics and Control

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