Department has some new sensors and data acquisition systems for machine and tool diagnosticsgnostics

One of the most critical features in Industry 4.0 ready production and digital factories must be the high-level sensors and data acquisition system built in the Cyber-Physical Production Systems. The department purchased two new pieces of equipment in the last month for this purpose.

The VIBER-X5 vibration diagnostic system can be applied to get precise information about the machine’s state. It is useful when the spindle revolution, the Eugen frequency and part balancing must be measured. This diagnostic system is equipped with a Thermo camera sensor and data acquisition software with a visualization panel. We plan to apply this new instrument in predictive maintenance research.

A KISTLER MiniDyn 9119AA2 dynamometer is another new acquisition of the department. The unique feature of this sensor is its high sensitivity that is favourable in our micromachining research.

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