EASE-R3 project completed

By 30th June 2016 the European research project EASE-R3 has ended with a great success. In the project 14 partners have cooperated including the Department of Manufacturing Science and Engineering. During the project new methods and tools have been developed for the cost-effective and easy repair, renovation and re-use of machine tools of the modern factories.

The task of our department has been to develop two software tools:

(1) Repair Decision Support System (RDSS) to select the most cost-effective maintenance strategies and policies for the components of a machine tool.

(2) Decommissioning Decision Support System (DDSS) to select the optimal end-of-life strategies with respect to the life cycle cost and the environmental stressors.

Videos on the software tools can be found here:

RDSS video

DDSS video

The final meeting of the project was organised in Turin on 14-15 June 2016. The results of the project were presented at the Industrial Technologies 2016 conference (https://www.industrialtechnologies2016.eu/) in Amsterdam on 22-24 June 2016.

Further information: http://www.easer3.eu



Edited by

Dr. István Németh, project leader

Ádám Kocsis, research engineer

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